Video: Ken Block's Gymkhana 3, Part 1

After announcing it’s official debut yesterday, and months of built up anticipation, AFDC and Ken Block have unveiled the first video of their new free-wheeling joy ride, the Gymkhana III . Part one of the video is called the The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids).

This music video features Ken, his Gymkhana Three 2011 Ford Fiesta, Gymkhana style driving, and the new DC and Ken Block product. These aspects are placed in the video and set to the beat of an original track "Clicking (Gymkhana THREE)" that was written and produced by hip-hop duo The Cool Kids.

The Gymkhana and the Gymkhana II, became Internet sensations for the way Block performed a variety of driving styles that incorporated elements of drifting and rally racing all while being produced in such a way that incorporates a unique visual artistry that has catapulted Block to mainstream popularity. Did the Gymkhana III live up to the paint-splattered, wheel-spinning extravaganza as did the first two? Yeah, we have to go with no.

Let’s just hope part 2 will be all about driving skills.


And here I was, expecting to see Ken Block. What we got was someone doing donuts and hitting fluorescent lights at the end.

his previous Subaru had very nice sound, this sounds like . great driving performance.

Even if they did, the guys in the video look too stupid to care. Although the people I most wish that took the hit of mercury are the advertisers who thought this was a good idea and in any way a good way to connect with anyone.

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