Video: Ken Block testing Ford Focus WRC

The Rally Deutschland kicked off today and the Monster World Rally Team got right to work as Ken Block and his co-driver, Alex Gelsomino, started testing theFord Focus WRC outside of Brauneberg, Germany, a town 45 minutes east of the Rally Deutschland start. This race marks the first time Block will race on tarmac in the World Rally championship.

During all of this testing, the Monster World Rally Team had enough time to stop and interview Ken Block. Here’s what the racer rally had to say...

"With zero tarmac rounds in the Rally America series, Alex and I are at a huge disadvantage here in Germany," says Block. "We have only raced two tarmac events before, and while we did win both of those events, I have no expectations of keeping up with the veteran drivers here."

"Sitting in the car with Jari-Matti made me well aware of how much I still have to learn about tarmac driving." says Block. "It’s going to be a challenge, but a good one. This test was one of the best days I have ever had in rally car. I am really looking forward to improving my skills on sealed surfaces as I put down more and more stage miles on tarmac not just here in Germany, but over our next two rallies as well."

Check out what else Block had to say by checking out the video!


Is the Stig still under contract with BBC? If he’s not still working for them, then I fail to understand how publishing this causes a problem.

I wish him all the luck as this season is going to a Monster, get it, for him. Now that he’s not just running against the USA Rally guys, who are good but not anywhere near the caliber of the WRC guys, and doing cute bids he’ll either limp back home with his tail between his legs or show what he’s made of driving wise.

This may have been the official launch of Ford’s 2006 WRC pro-gramme, however the 2006 car’s competition debut has already occurred.

hope there will be nice battles between two car makers...

Yeah, me too. I guess that would be hot to watch Ken Block driving the Ford WRC.

I’d love to see some hot Fords at USRC races running alongside by buddy’s ’75 Saab. Well alongside is figuratively speaking, obviously in different classes...

I live up the street from VT car...the folks who build and manage the Subaru team’s cars in Rally America...and I bump into Carolyn Bosley every now and again.

Schumacher and Loeb raced each other several time in the race of champions with different cars from open wheeler to Rally cars..

I would love to see Leob & Schumacher swap places for a season.

Not a day goes by where I don’t gain more respect for Ken Block. He’s the classic example of if you want something bad enough, you’ll eventually get it, and is very humble about his successes. I look forward to watching him represent the US on the World Rally stage for the rest of the year and hopefully competing for a WRC championship in a few years!

Except this is a Focus. Not a Fiesta... (I know it is easy to miss) It is only stated in the video, and the title and in the caption of the photo.

love getting to watch WRC again on HD Theater, but I only wish it didn’t take 2 weeks to air it. I can never resist checking out the results well before I can see the action. Better than no coverage at all, I suppose.

Nice work Ken Block well be looking forward for the next rallies.

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