Video: Lamborghini Aventador J and Reventon Roadster spotted in Spain

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In recent years, Lamborghini has made so many strictly-limited production vehicles, they’ve almost become its specialty. Case in point, the Aventador J and Reventon Roadster .

As we’re sure you know, the Lamborghini Aventador J was created in just six weeks, ahead of its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. With only one unit being built, it’s literally as rare as a car can be. Based off the standard Aventador , yet featuring an array of visual changes, the Aventador J is the ultimate expression of what the Italian firm is capable.

In a similar fashion, the Reventon Roadster based off the Reventon coupe, which was based off the Murcielago, was limited to just 20 units through its production run and seemingly served as quite the influence on the design of the eventual Aventador.

As a result of the extreme exclusivity of both of these cars, coming across one of them on the streets would be downright amazing, but both at the same time? One can only dream.

Or can they?

Well our dream was actually the reality of many onlookers in Marbella, Spain when both of the aforementioned cars were spotted together on a ‘dark night.’ Get it? Because the Aventador is in the new Batman movie …….never mind.

Nonetheless, this is a might impressive spot and if you can cope with the horribly grainy footage, then it’s definitely worth checking out!


They could at least make it thirty on each country in Asia.

I wonder if they can make another Lamborghini with lesser edges, but still powerful.

I just want to know why there were only 20 units of Reventon?

It made its appearance on just a short scene on the Dark Knight movie.

If you guys had watched the movie Dark Knight Rises, you’ll see the Aventador making its leap on a scene.

If I’m not mistaken 20 units of Reventon are sold worldwide, and one of them is on that video.

How much is this car? This is an impressive spot, and if you can cope with the horribly grainy footage, then it’s definitely worth checking out!

It was also spotted in Dubai, UAE. It has recorded a top speed of 221MPH. They released only 20 units of it worldwide.

It must be rare. Its features are totally awesome that they can’t provide another model of it.

Aventador J is very rare having only one unit and that single unit is in Spain while this Reventon has 20 units. How cool is that?

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