Video: Lamborghini Aventador vs. Mercedes SLS AMG vs. Porsche 911 GT2 RS

Lamborghini unveiled the new Aventador LP700-4 will the full intent of it being one of the most amazing cars in the world. Possible recalls aside, the company may be right, but British magazine, AutoCar, wasn’t just going to take their word for it. They have put together the 700 HP Aventador with the less powerful 620 HP Porsche 911 GT2 RS and 563 HPMercedes SLS AMG for a little one on two drag race action.

Clearly, the Aventador has both of the other models beat on power alone, but taking into account weight and aerodynamics may be another matter. Then again, the Aventador can achieve the 0-60 mph sprint in just 2.9 seconds,while the Porsche does it in 3.5 seconds and the Mercedes Mercedes gets there in 3.7 seconds. Looks like the drivers of the other two sports cars will have to be nimble and quick to get the job done.


Lamborghini kicks off the road and wins the said competition. A big clap to Lamborghini even if my model Mercedes didn’t won; still my first choice.

Aventador is my pick! haha. No doubt it has that name! It won right? Haha. I really love this car and I am dreaming to have this when I have the chance.

What an amazing car! Lamborghini hits off the road and beats the two cars. I’m quite sad because my favorite Mercedes did not won the race. Nevertheless, Lamborghini is absolutely awesome and remarkable.

I am still into Aventador. This is my very own personal choice of the fastest car, of course next to Bugatti Veyron. But I am sure that Porsche and Mercedes can keep up with us. smiley

Well, second to Bugatti Veyron, I can say that this Lamborghini is the next super-fast vehicle that I saw. Moreover, the video just told it so and Aventador speed performance is absolutely awesome and remarkable.

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