Video: Lamborghini Aventadors Invade the Streets of Monaco

Usually, finding a supercar on the road is a pretty rare chance, so finding multiple supercars in one place is almost impossible. But our favorite YouTube user Marchettino managed to catch five different Lamborghini Aventadors on the roads of Monaco. The best part is that at some point the cars were caught two at once.

The video shows five different Aventadors spotted in just a couple of days and finished in five different colors: black (Nero Aldebaran), matte black (Nero Nemesis), white (Bianco Isis), matte white (Bianco Canopus) and yellow (Giallo Orion).

The problem is that the supercars were caught in town so they were not driven at full throttle, but they still they produced beautiful exhaust notes.

Not very surprising, considering the Aventador is powered by a very monstrous 6.5-liter V-12 engine that delivers a total of 700 horsepower and sprints the raging bull up to a top speed of 217 mph.


Very monstruos engine, indeed! sounds awesome and makes me goosebumps.

Jesus! those peolpe werw filming and taking pictures like they never saw such a car before

Is the same time, in cities less interesting you can see much more than this gentleman managed to film. and not only Lamborghini but also other super brands.

question: how did that guy manage to film those cars? I also believe that he is a stalkersmiley

woooow!! nice movie. thank you, mister Marchettino!!

that isn’t taht...unexpected. those were filmed in...Monaco!!

ha ha ha!!!smiley))) stalker!!!

Only two at once? I saw even 3 or 4!!

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