Video: LEGO Bugatti Veyron is radio-controlled

That Bugatti Veyron 16.4 fashioned out off LEGO blocks is back in the news, and to our surprise, it actually is more than just an eye-pleasing toy car.

As it turns out, the LEGO Veyron is actually a remote-controlled car that comes with a bunch of other nifty features that we didn’t know at first, including a braking system, a 7+R sequential gearbox, and a retractable and spoiler.

It’s hard to believe that all of these features come with the LEGO Veyron but once you see the video, you’re going to realize that these features are in fact part of the car’s overall package.

We’re here to tell you now that you won’t see a car made out LEGO quite like this Bugatti Veyron. Makes you wish you had one of these to play around with in your street, right?

Source: YouTube


The manual is mind blowing awesome. It was so great that someone has design a LEGO kits. And I think he needs to work more on the body panels to make the car more recognizable.

I love this car, and I always will. I shall always covet one, as well, and even if I never so much as see one in person, I’m still grateful to VW for creating it.

We’re all ’car people’ here, right? Well, in the broad strokes, anyway. The one reason that this car MUST be built, and improved, and seek ever faster top speeds, is the PASSION that it inspires! Aren’t we all in absolute awe that there exists a production road car that can do what this car does?!? If you’re not, then I pity you, for you have lost your sense of wonder.

Whoah, that is sweet. I like the braking system and the transmission for the car. The hard top and the spoiler does work well and it looks pretty neat. I wonder what’s the price tag for one of these toys. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be as expensive as the original or the actual Bugatti Veyron but the performance should be as good and as fast. lol

Some spent their time watching the news, others read the paper or a book, some watch television sitcoms, play video games, watch porn, go for motorcycle rides or tinker on a car in the garage. Do they have so much time? It’s their hobby. This car is incredible.

I’d like to have one of this toy. Lego should also made a box for the gears even transparent one just to keep the gears from dust and dirt.

What the hell was that? An innovation from lego technics? Amazing gear transmission! I wonder how much does it cost to own one?

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