Video: Lewis Hamilton - End of an Era

Most of you probably know that as of 2012 racing season Lewis Hamilton’s career with McLaren ended and that starting 2013 racing season he will move to Mercedes AMG . As a tribute to his McLaren era and in honor of his birthday, we now present you a compilation with the greatest memories of the Lewis Hamilton-McLaren partnership.

Lewis Hamilton has scored some amazing results in his racing career with McLaren, such as his 2007 win at the Hungarian Grand Prix from pole position, in 2008 he won the Australian Grand Prix and the Belgian Grand Prix, and the list could go on like this forever. It’s true he also had a series of incidents, like the most recent one during the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, but his overall performance under the McLaren colors was pretty impressive.

So, kick back and enjoy reliving the moments of one of the more successful partner ships in recent F1 history.


I have so many memories of these two great men!I feel sorry for them, that they have to split now..

This videos are meant to tear us apart, they remind me of all the shows I’ve seen alive or virtually, with so beautiful Formula1 races!

I’m sorry that Hamilton is going to move to Mercedes AMG.. Him and McLauren were the best!!!

This is actually the end of a great era..not any.This moment will mark the history!

I saw the Hungarian Gran Prix edition and I was simply mesmerized! These tow guys made great job!!

In few years, they both have gained our respect.Nobody can go as far as they managed to do it togheter..

I’m sure there will be no other partnership as great as this one has been..

Yes, Brad, I’ve seen some of them too and they were part of historical files!I’m wondering what will happen next

This video gives me goosebumps!I remember watching almost all this races at T.V., and I felt in love with them!!

Lewis Hamilton is my favourite.Formula 1 races would have been nothing without him, I’m sure of that ..smiley

An era indeed for the history of cars and races!!
Just look at the impressive amount of prizes they got togheter!

If you want to really celebrate his birthday, maybe you can come up with better quality of video..However, I’m sorry this ’era’ is over

Great partnership between Hamilton and McLaren.. it’s a pity that it is over now..

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