Video: Lexus develops 'carbon fiber loom' for the LF-A supercar

Few technological advancements have been as important in the auto industry as the development of carbon fiber. Lighter yet stronger than most materials that were once used in building vehicles, carbon fiber has become an integral element in the development of some of the world’s fastest and most powerful cars on the planet, including Formula One race cars.

On their end, Lexus knows a thing or two about supercars with the development of the LF-A . The company has even taken to new lengths to provide the LF-A with the best possible materials by building their very own carbon fiber loom to create the carbon fiber materials that will be used in the LF-A.

The revolutionary loom is able to weave three-dimensional carbon fiber shapes that will be put in the company’s supercar, including the steering wheel and the A-pillar. Knowing the great lengths company’s go through to outfit as much carbon fiber as possible on their supercars, Lexus saw fit to take the game to a whole new level with the invention of the carbon fiber loom, a technology that’s the first of its kind in the world.

Eventually, the machine will also be used to create materials for other Lexus models, signaling a concrete step in helping bring the weight down and improve performance of the company’s future vehicles.

Check out the video featuring Lexus’ new carbon fiber loom. If there ever was any indication just how fast technology is shaping the auto industry today, this is it.

Source: Lexus


Lexus LF-A has an amazing speed performance! I bet with the carbon fiber chassis it will definitely makes the car lighter and run faster!

I enjoyed watching video too! The carbon fiber chassis would be accurately since it was woven using the machine. And I’m excited to know on how will this car will perform when the materials is already used!

I have watched the video and I enjoyed watching on how the machine weave the carbon fiber chassis. I just wonder on how they make the chassis before?

Wow! the revolutionary loom is extremely awesome! I certainly agree that chassis has something to do with the outstanding performance of the car! I do hope that this advance technology would helped the Toyota to make more high performing car.

Carbon would be the best quality that materials that a car would actually have.
And based from what has been said its lighter yet stronger. But still it’s depressing that some other manufacturer used plastic materials instead of carbon fiber.

for sure it will take more years to develop this concept.. And I think they were making this for the replacement of the Supra. Well, I make my hopes up!

Nice, this one is definitely a fine piece of machinery. Wonder when will they be able to develop a home version of this one, so that you can make your own carbon fiber parts when you need it.

knowing that they will add up the "carbon fiber" on LF-A, then just expect that the price would go higher and the demand for maintenance would increase
also. And of course if you’re a "rich" car owner then money wouldn’t be a big issue!

I think probably the price can be technically explained based on what it cost to develop it adding some profit, just like you would do with any run-of-the-mill car. And I’m pretty sure that this car will drive like hell, the engine is awesome.

LOOOL really resistance demanding parts, like the steering wheel! FAIL

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