Video: Lexus IS-F drift goes wrong even before it starts

Sometimes, explanations aren’t really needed; you just watch a video of inane dumbassery and you pretty much get the picture of how something goes horribly wrong.

In the case of the driver of this Lexus IS-F , drifting probably isn’t in his future. That or he just made a pretty silly mistake from the get go.

The scene is the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon and the IS-F was supposed to do a drifting demonstration in front of a gathered crowd. It starts well enough, but even before the first tire screams and the first smoke is emitted, the driver loses control of the IS-F and rides the cement barricade, obliterating a number of miniature traffic cones in the process.

We don’t know how it went wrong all of a sudden, but it is pretty embarrassing for the dude behind the wheel of the IS-F. Here you are expected to wow a crowd with your supposedly sick drifting skills, but instead, you end up being the butt of jokes and a permanent resident of You Tube’s crack list of "Fail!" videos.

Source: You Tube


Was he able to drunk? Or he’s too much excited with this event? If I were him, he’ll rather not start to drive for his own safety. What an embarrasing video!

Does he really know how to drive? It hasn’t started and yet he fails. Anyway the Lexus show his stability with these matter.

This video is pretty humiliating and embarrassing! Hahaha! Lexus IS-F doesn’t need such thing like that, I wonder what happened to the driver behind the wheels? Maybe he had a headache that time.

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