Video: Lexus LFA by Zak Kerbelis & Clash Production

Usually when you are 18 you spend your time hanging out with your friends and doing all kinds of crazy stuffs. That of course unless you have a very cool passion that will keep you busy most of the time.

Zak Kerbelis, a very young man, with a great passion for both fast cars and video shooting. And, in collaboration with Clash Production he managed to shot an amazing video presenting the Lexus LF-A supercar in action.

Kerbelis said about himself: "I am an 18 year old film maker located on the east coast of the U.S.. My interest in motorsports encouraged me to pick up a camera about a year ago. Over the past year I have been blessed with many opportunities to shoot some amazing events and cars all around the United States. I hope you enjoy my videos!"


From the exterior to interior design; a totally outstanding concept. If I could manage this car, I’ll handle it with care same as myself.

This showcases better concept and better performance most of the time. I must say that it’s on the top list of supercars. The video was good.

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