Video: Man sells $200 raffle ticket only to see the buyer win a 2011 Shelby GT500

A man who held a ticket for a chance to win a 2011 Shelby GT500 sold it for $200 to another dude who ended up winning the car. Ridiculous? Yeah.

Unbelievably enough, it’s also true.

In a scene straight out of a Hollywood script, an attendee at this year’s QuakeCon Gaming Festival that was held in Dallas sold a raffle ticket – it was just one of 100, actually – for just $200. Turns out, it didn’t take long for this sale to backfire on the poor attendant.

Moments after thinking that he just swindled $200 from the supposed “schmuck” who purchased it, the latter’s newly-bought raffle ticket was chosen among the 100 tickets, winning him a $50,000 Shelby GT500.

One of the hosts summed up the whole situation perfectly by saying, “He’s (the seller) gonna have some drinks tonight. He’s (the buyer) going home with a Shelby GT500!”

Talk about a broad spectrum of emotions at play. The seller’s probably kicking himself right now and the buyer, well, to say he’s ecstatic is a gross understatement.

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Oh no! It’s kind of sad story. However, well, tried to move on from what happen. And just think that maybe its not your lucky day after all. 

Have you read the Motor trend comparison of a stock 5.0 Mustang vs the M3. The Mustang outperforms the M3 on virtually every test they put it through.

That’s terrible. One way to look at the lottery ticket is that it has been proven time and time again that the lottery winners are rarely end up happy.

It seems me the average gamer would have no idea what do with a third pedal and lots of RWD-directed torque and power.

haha Talk about being lucky, and the best of all the way the presenter sends down the former owner of the ticket.

1 in 50 odds, actually...

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