Video: Marussia supercars run wild on the track

We don’t usually see a whole lot of those Russian rockets called the Marussia s romping it up in the streets because, well, not a lot of people have them here in the U.S. Despite the apparent exclusivity of the Russian supercar, a lot of us have been pining for quite a while to see one of them, just so we know what these cars are really capable of when pitted against the more decorated cars on its segment.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long to see these babies in action after a recent video surfaced pitting not one, not two, not three, but four Marussia supercars - three B1 supercars and one B2 - out on the track in all their unbridled glory.

It must be noted that the B2 supercar is still in its concept phase so it might be a while before we actually see one in the flesh. In the meantime, we can settle for this video and watch exactly what the Marussia supercars are made of.

Source: YouTube


well they look fast and aggressive but for me It’s a Ugly Fugly looking car, well if someone will give me a car like this i wont hesitate to sell it and buy my self a Street Tuner Car.

Wow!..this is all I can say. Seeing this Marussias running all at the same time is like seeing a line of superheroes in cars. They just so addicting to look at when running.

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