Video: Maserati range in action

Maserati has revealed an impressive video that shows their entire line-up in action. The GranTurismo MC Stradale , the GranCabrio , the GranTurismo , and the Quattroporte are all presented showing off their stuff and tempting all of us to choose their favorite Maserati model. We couldn’t make that decision, so we’ll leave it up to you to decide which model would be the best for a perfect summer drive.

We’re big fans of Maserati anyway, but now that the company has brought the GranTurismo MC to the American market, we have many more reasons to appreciate it. We have to remind you that the MC will be the fastest model ever offered by Maserati over in the States, so if you want a pretty cool car in your garage this might be the perfect time to start saving. And save that cash fast, as we’d bet money the car will only be offered in limited numbers.


Well, I think this is the most expensive car in the Maserati line up recently. With good reviews and awesome performance of this car, Well, I don think there’s any reason to say no on this car.

Well, what can we expect from Maserati but elegant and high speed performing car!
As the sister company of Ferrari, I think that the reason why they have a reliable car and the power under the hood is pretty impressive!

OMG! I think this is the most beautiful face of car that I have seen. Its paint job makes look more luxurious and yet sporty! However, I just wonder on what’s the figure performance of this car.

They probably were, since these are official videos. The others that you have seen were most likely re-uploads made by fans.

Hey, was Maserati the first one to release these videos online. Because from what I have known, there are actually a lot of these videos online.

Well, I would also agree that the Quattroprte is incredibly great here. However, the real star in the video is the MC Stradale, which is fact becoming popular here.

I really like how the Quattroporte performs here. I really know that car has superb features, but seeing it in action still leaves me in awe.

OMG! I just saw this car drift like crazy in Fast and the Furious movie and I will tell you that it has an amazing power!

I’m a great fan of Maserati, as a sister company of Ferrari, it never failed its named. And as a driver that wanting a more power and speed, I bet that this car would a better option.

Yeah, I would agree with you. Seeing all these Maserati models in one video is certainly going to be an eye candy. I especially loved the Stradale clips.

This one is definitely a nice watch. I really wanted to see Maserati’s cars in action, so it was a great treat to see them go all at the same time in this video.

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