Video: Matt Farah drives the world's fastest DeLorean to mixed results

A lot of today’s 30-something auto nuts today credit the DeLorean for giving birth to their obsession with cars. Even folks much younger than that will attest that when they first saw the car in those Back to the Future movies, a love for anything four-wheeled followed soon thereafter.

One of those people is Matt Farah, the host of TUNED. In one of their more recent episodes, Farah got the chance of a lifetime to take a tour of DMC California where he was able to chat with Don Steger, the owner of DMC and considered as the only DeLorean-certified mechanic working the US today.

During his time at DMC California, Farah managed to get behind the wheel of an engine-swapped DeLorean that now carried a 575-horsepower engine taken from a Buick Grand National, replacing the much-weaker 130-horsepower Volvo V6 powertrain that was part of the stock model.

What was initially an awesome idea to do an engine swap on the DeLorean turned sour when complications from the swap resulted in the car breaking down multiple times, leading to a pretty sobering realization when dealing with a unique car like the DeLorean.

Despite its substandard power, the car’s age and uniqueness makes for engine swaps - or any major tuning work, for that matter - on the DeLorean a risky proposition.

Check out the video and see how Farah’s visit to DMC California went.

Source: Drive


I’m a fan also of Matt Farah. I don’t believe that is just a stunt. I think he exactly blew the speed to the fullest to see what is the limitation of this DeLorean.

I think so too. Intentionally or not, it’s just a lesson on how to handle a car when it suddenly breaks down.

The mixed results only show an actual example of an unexpected situation that a driver may encounter.

This has clearly shown what happens when incompatible components have been merged. Matt Farah is lucky that he didn’t get involved in a major accident.

I find it unsafe and inconvenient for Matt Farah. It’s good he’s well-educated when it comes to this kind of situation.

Wasn’t it just a stunt? If that’s not the case though, this was quite a blow to the car’s reputation. Of course, there comes a time when an automotive’s performance deteriorates, but this isn’t of the same matter.

I want to blame the people who modified its engine. Had they not tried running it like this before? That was tad inconvenient.

I don’t care if it ends well, the matter that it kept breaking down doesn’t hide the fact that some engine swapping are hazardous.

What did just happen? Oh well, at least he managed to show us dramatic changes on DeLorean’s escapade.

So we have learned even though that something has been upgraded, it’s sort of ineffective when the car can’t handle it. Good job for not giving up though, and for running smoothly in the near end even though it kept failing.

The design is one of the most popular, let’s just say that the gull wing doors as an effect create the vision of making it soar swiftly. The engine breakdown caused by swapping was really an unfortunate event, I wonder how it turned out instead if they didn’t change it.

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