Video: Mazda Only Needs 25 Hours To Turn A Mazda2 Into A B-Spec Racer

Race engineers, no matter how skilled and talented they may be, also need time to build a race car.

It’s no different with Mazda , although you can make a case that their accomplishment - taking a Mazda2 and turning it into a B-Spec Race Car - is pretty impressive in its own right.

See, this time-lapse video goes to show the hours it took for Mazda’s racing engineers to build a B-Spec race from a standard Mazda2. From completely gutting the car of anything deemed unnecessary for racing purposes all the way up to dressing up the exterior with all those racing liveries, it only took Mazda 25 hours to completely turn the Mazda2 from a regular, run-of-the-mill compact hatchback into a bonafide race car.

Big props to Mazda’s engineers, all of whom managed to make the 25-hour transformation at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show in Orlando, Florida. Even more impressive is the fact that as soon as the build was completed, the new race car was immediately thrown into the fire at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race.

Source: Mazda Speed


would have been more impressive if they were painted the car and if they had had a ultra-fast drying paint.

i appreciate that they were paying attention to detail and design and put even the labels

as far as i can see, we must trust them about 25h...cause they didn’t focused the timer at the beginning and at the end.

it’a a pitty that they didn’t filmed the watch at the end smiley

I ’m not a Mazda fan and I still liked the idea;D

i suppose that team was perfectly organized before this. each guy knew what he has to do.

wow, boys! you were fast!!! good job!

i m a mazda fan, so i enjoyed this very much.

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