Video: McLaren MP4-12C High Sport spotted in Florida

McLaren unveiled the MP4-12C High Sport back in May 2012. It was built using the new McLaren Special Operation Program and is limited to only five units, so the chance to actually find one to buy is pretty rare.

For those of you with the money - $230,000 - one unit has been placed on the Dimmitt Automotive Group showroom in Pinellas Park, Florida by Dmitrii Osipovskii. We are not sure if the model was brought there just to show off, or if it actually for sale, but still the video is another reminder on what an amazing car the MP4-12C HS is.

When compared to a standard model, the HS version received a new rear bumper with rear vents inspired from the MP4-12C GT3 race car, an extended diffuser, and a modified active rear wing. Under the hood the engine delivers an extra 75 horsepower.


@jenny_smith: never say never!

i will never have this one, never smiley(

I would be pleased only to see this car and touch it.

hmmm, colory color, but looks great, surprising!

lucky those who live in Florida and, of course, with a car passionsmiley

I am fascinated by the exterior design, even though is so colored.

comparing to other sports cars, I the price is really ok, is’t it?

lovely peace!!! is better than a jewelsmiley

I wish I were in Florida, to see alive this beast!
Only five units..I’m sure I won’t see one in my life..

Brad, if you would like, PM the websites from where you read the info about this McLaren.Thanks!!

Alex, who wouldn’t dream this beauty!
I can say that it seems to be the most well-balanced vehicle I saw lately, and after all the information I read about it, The contrast between its price and features isn’t so sharp

I will dream this car soon enough, after seeig such a wonderful clip!

It’s a pity it is so expensive.I’m sure that those who buy them, are really lucky persons.Lovely one!

I want all of them, lined up in my garage!One of the best design I’ve ever seen, so far these 10 years

Mc Laren, you’re doing it damn right!I’m really impressed by this one, congrats!

Yes Otto, you are right.Ive been mesmerized by it’s interior design, the most.It must be very comfy, and also, the wheels are one of the most beautiful thing I ever saw.
Thumbs up, McLaren!

ooh, they are all so beautiful, lined togheter..
I apreciate the design the’s elegant, despite the sport type of the car

By now, this is the only sport car ever impressed me for good..
No wonder it is so expensive, considering its design and features...

Only 5 pieces??
I’m wondering who the lucky ones would be..
Awesome one!!

Such great vehicle!
Too bad it’s too expensive for me to afford it smiley

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