Video: Mercedes E-Class New Light Design Teased

As everyone knows, when the facelift version of the Mercedes E-Class hits the market, the most significant change will be made up front where the car will feature revised headlamps. Today Mercedes has dropped a first teaser video of this new light design, making us believe that the official E-Class launch is just around the corner.

As previously rumored, the new headlamps will bring back the famous angular-halo design, but also a belt of LED daytime running lights and an all-around new look. All we can say after watching this video is that we really like it, and we mean really!

Next to the new headlamps, the facelift E-Class will receive updated front and rear bumpers, redesigned rear-lights and the absence of the Ponton-style rear fenders. The E-Class’ engine lineup will range from a relatively tame 3.5-liter V-6 up to a wild 4.7-liter twin-turbo V-8.


it may be the same person, but it will look better. and looks matter these days.

it will be like putting on shades to a person. it’s still the same person!

i love the LED belt. it looks awesome.

i think the new e-class will appeal to those who wanted a sportier look. they now have it.

the new series means the old one will get cheaper ? smiley

i think the up-dates will be mostly in the design area. the technical up-dates are kept for the next series.

i wonder if there will be any other up-dates.

mercedes did a great job at teasing us! can’t wait for the car!

john, that remains to be seen. the facts are that all these 3 cars look awesome!

will the car look better than an audi a6 or bmw 5 series?

great light design. the car will look a lot better!

3.5 liter V6 is tame? then a 1.2 engine is what?

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