Video: MT's new Fatal Four-Way Topless Drag Race

Motor Trend knows how to make the ultimate throw-down among rival manufacturers: pit them against each other in a good ol’ fashion fatal four-way Topless Drag Race!

For this event, MT brought together an Audi A5 , a BMW 335i , a Lexus IS350 , and an Infiniti G37 – all of which, incidentally, are convertibles. It’s the showdown of showdowns to determine which top-down machine takes home the coveted bragging rights for winning Motor Trend’s special Topless Drag Race.

We’d spoil you the result of the race but where’s the suspense in that? But just so you won’t get caught off-guard, we’ll give you a little teaser of what to expect – or not to expect, for that matter.

It’s not the kind of drag race you’re accustomed to seeing.

Source: Motor Trend


haha. Too Bad but the Infiniti G37 won the ’topless’ race..

Well, IMO Lexus IS350 has the better looking and just as expected it was the first one to finish the topless competition.

Well that was some kind of a new teaser. I though that they would be racing it out after the top has gone down, but instead, it is the race. The first one with the top down wins I suppose? O well, I think that it will be a good race and I hope that the BMW wins and feed dust to others. The only competition for it that I see honestly is the Audi.

Interesting that you would talk about this set up. Fans would really love this topless race.

I was tricked by topspeed, Oh well, I thought it would be the battle for speed. Yes, a battle for speed on removing the roof LMAO.

Let’s remember that the A5’s ragtop doesn’t provide the comfort and security of the others’ retractable hardtops. And I found it interesting that the G37 came in last; according to the manufacturers, the G37 ties the Lexus.

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