Video: Nürburgring Nordschleife Crashes of 2012

Like it or not, everyone that has ever raced a car eventually has the unpleasant experience of crashing. But what happens when such an accident occurs during a test drive on a famous race track like the Nürburgring Nordschleife?

We are not very sure about the legal involvements, but we are pretty sure the best crashes will make it online for everyone to see them. Just like this video which features a compilation of the "best" Nürburgring Nordschleife crashes of 2012.

The video presents the drivers and riders that experienced the Nürburgring the hard way during 2012, but, fortunately, it looks like no one was hurt during those incidents. So, we guess that the absence of a speed limit can be attractive and dangerous for people that don’t know their limits.

Check out the video and enjoy this video maker’s favorite crashes. Keep in mind that these are not necessarily TopSpeed’s favorite crashes, as this CR-V is definitely near the top of our list for 2012, but it’s nowhere to be found in this video…


as far as i can observe, that curve from the beginning of the movie is a real challenge for many drivers and riders...

that rider that runs away without his motorcycle is hilarious smiley

to avoid the misunderstanding of good or bad message, i propose to stop showing such movies.

this videos are for fun and as an negative example for those how understand this message.

i don’t like this kind of videos... and i don’t see their meaning.

at moment 6:39 i was sure those cars will hit those two from the edge. they were lucky.

this aren’t even funnysmiley

i got scared when i saw that rider and the car behind him.

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