Video: National Geographic Takes a Trip to Gumpert's Headquarters

The world is replete with supercar manufacturers that are determined to stamp their presence in the industry. But only a few can lay claim to having had the same success as German supercar manufacturer Gumpert .

As the folks behind the Apollo supercar — once considered as the fastest car in the world — Gumpert has become an industry legend, so much so that National Geographic has even taken notice.

In the latest episode of their Megafactories series, the fine folks from Nat Geo take us on a chronological journey through the creation of one of Gumpert’s ultimate beasts, the Apollo Enraged , and the time frame it took for it to make its debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show .

In addition, National Geographic also caught up with Roland Gumpert, the father of the brand, where he disclosed his plans for Gumpert to eventually hit mainstream. We’re not sure how that’s going to work, but if there’s one niche supercar brand that can pull it off, we won’t be surprised if it’s Gumpert.

Source: YouTube


I’ve been there, at Geneve Auto Show, last year, and I have been drooling all that time!Amazing..

Every video from Nat Geo gave me goosebumps and impressed me.This one hasn’t been the exception..

Megafactories always come up with bright products and images.Thumbs up, guys!!

Supercar as I never saw in my entire life!I wish one of these would cross my street one day, so I can take a photo of it

Enraged indeed, as angry as it looks.I wish they will show us more other models

Apollo breaks every other car!Gumpert knows what to create

I must recognize it is the very first time I meet Gumpert, and I am mesmerized! Completely!!

Such qualitative 3D representations! This video is pretty much of a documentary, must be kept very well, fr the history of cars!

Apollo is quite a beast! I love those wheels!Although, I think a black version of it would look better!

I want more pictures of those cars!Please, anyone, reveal a link where I can find such pics!!

The Nat Geo team is so lucky to be able to see and speak to Roland!
I wish I can test one of its wonderful cars xD

What prices do they practice?I’m wondering how much such a great car might cost

If this brand was analised by National Georgraphic , it’s brightly clear that it has a word to say in it’s field

Roland Gumpert is a God!Just watched this video and figured out that Gumpert creates pieces of art in motion!!

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