Video: Need For Speed: The Run "On The Edge"

It’s hard to top the last video of Need For Speed: The Run , especially when it featured steaming Sports Illustrated swimsuit models. For their part, though, the people over at NFS have just released the latest promo video for their soon-to-be-released racing game.

No, it doesn’t come with any scantily-clad foxes, but what it does feature are two supercars considered two of the most desirable exotics on the market today: the McLaren MP4-12C and the Pagani Huayra .

As always, the video offers plenty of breathtaking racing between the two supercars with a short and ultimately crash-tastic cameo of an out-of-its-element police car.

But the real highlight of the video is the race between the MP4-12C and the Huayra . Here’s a spoiler, though: if you’re a fan of either one of these cars, then prepare to weep as one of them gets thrown off a cliff.

We’re not kidding.

Check out the video and find out which one goes flying off the mountain}.}}


Wow! Very impressive! The feature is really great! I’ll wait for the other videos of this car. I want to see more videos. Thanks smiley

It’s a very good advertisement for both Mclaren MP4-12C and the Pagani Huayra.. I guess it would never stay long in the market.. That was shocking, watching a very precious car just thrown out of the cliff.. Oh my!

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