Video: New Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG To Debut In Los Angeles

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Mercedes CLS spied at official photo shoot

Mercedes-Benz is set to unveil the CLS63 AMG at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the middle of November, according to Autolinknews. The base CLS was recently shown at the Paris Motor Show and we were in awe at its beauty.

The AMG version will likely feature a 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged 554 horsepower V8. There might be a performance package offered from AMG that will raise the horsepower rating to 571. This will be the third performance car that the 5.5-liter V8 will have been used in, as it was previously used in the S63 AMG and theCL63 AMG .

Compared to the base CLS, the AMG tuned sedan will get some changes to the overall aerodynamics, including the rear bumper, as it will need to make room for quad tail pipes.

Hit the jump to see a video of the CLS63 AMG going for a lap around the Nurburgring in Germany.



I was hoping that they will use a more modern engine for their car just like the Lambo did! The engine performance was great and the adds-on seems impressive.

This is one of the stunning production among Mercedes version. IMO, this car looks good in red! The exterior really makes the car to look so sporty. I really love it plus the awesome performance.

This thing happens last year but just imagine on how this car will perform, its extremely awesome. Just recently, there are lot of aftermarket version of this car and they are all awesome and its a good thing that the good look of the AMG was maintain.

I think AMG doesn’t look good on sedan type car. It’s better with those gullwing! However, of course, except for the gullwing nothing better on this car, including the car performance.

well i guess many consumers are up the new and improved performance of the MB cars . we just have to wait for the release of the new MB cars.

Benz in Blue matte? well blue colored car is great specially when it’s metallic or glossy but Matte is not that appealing specially to a Benz.

Don’t you see that this is the AMG version of the CLS? The MB - CLS Klasse with the future facelift will look different. I dare to say that these are the pictures of the current CLS from AMG

The front lip looks a bit like the new M3

Its pretty awesome and all but I thought it was supposed to be yet another uber hyper car to challenge the current hyper cars.

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