Video: Nick Heidfeld drives the BMW X5 M

Nick Heidfeld is BMW’s factory Formula 1 driver. The 32 year old West German recently made a trip to the land of the rising sun to unveil the new BMW X5 M at the Shanghai Auto Show. Nick took the time out to make a little comparison between the new hot rod X5 and his BMW Sauber F1 machine. Check the video to see what he had to say.


THE BMW team is making great effort in Asia to promote their line up

Nick is a promising F1 driver and know that this car at 555hp really is the most powerful engine produced by BMW

FYI: Heidfeld is yet to win a race during his nine seasons in Formula One. This means that amongst the current drivers, he has had the most GP starts without standing at the top spot on the podium. Heidfeld has now started over 150 races, so if he were to eventually win a race he would break the record for most starts before a maiden victory. This is currently held by Rubens Barrichello, who claimed his first victory on his 123rd attempt.

cant wait until I get mine I already sold my X5 4.8 does anyone know if this will have the 7 passenger option

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