Video: Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega by AMS loses control at 233 mph

The land speed record for the GT-R was 218 mph, until AMS Performance decided to drag old Alpha Omega, the company’s monster GT-R, out to the Texas Mile to try to beat its own record.

The first run the GT-R rolls up with 24.5 pounds of boost and a tarmac-punishing 1,050 horsepower at the wheels. This run came out okay, as the Alpha Omega GT-R broke its record, hitting 221 mph. Throw the shoot, load up the car and take it home, right? Nope, not the AMS guys.

Apparently, 221 mph in a mile wasn’t good enough, so the AMS techs hopped back under the hood and cranked the boost to an insane 29.5 psi. This put the Nissan GT-R at an intense 1,250 wheel horsepower. After a mile the monster GT-R hits 233.1 and its driver Ivan reaches to pull the parachute.

Obviously the GT-R didn’t like Ivan taking the credit, so after catching a dip in the runway, the rear of the GT-R lifts up and slings itself sideways, sending its pilot into a deadly 200+ mph slide. At that point we were thinking that a farewell story to this power GT-R was in order, but somehow Ivan manages to calmly keep this monster in check and keeps it from completely spinning out of control.

We watched this video repeatedly looking for any sign of panic from the driver, but there was absolutely none. His eyes simply stayed focused, as he steered the 1,250 horsepower GT-R out of its slide. Hats off to the driver for keeping his cool and getting this car back under control. Check out the video and see if you could have kept your bowels, let alone the car, in check during the spinout.


Wasn’t that done purposely by the driver? I don’t know; these days, anything is possible for the sake of showing off.

Both Nissan and the driver have amazed me for being capable of possessing that power, and for being able to have the guts to pull that stunt.

It’s obvious that it got out of control. GT-R probably isn’t compatible with AMS’s tuning, but is still forced to be run to its fullest anyway. I hate modifications that are sloppily done.

So whose fault it is? It’s such a shame to have this occurred, yet admirable on how the driver handled the situation.

Talk about real daredevils! I wonder if he truly stayed focus, or if he’s just good at being pokerfaced. He’s lucky it didn’t turn out ugly!

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