Video: Nissan GT-R Alpha Omega by AMS runs the quarter mile in 8.63

AMS’s ridiculously amazing Nissan GT-R Alpha has just received an Omega upgrade and broken the quarter mile world record yet again. The last time AMS took a shot at pushing the limits of the quarter mile was about six months ago when they acquired a time of 8.97 seconds at 169 miles an hour. Now, with an impressive 1,602 all-wheel horsepower on tap, the insanely awesome, updated GT-R Alpha Omega has run the quarter mile in an astounding 8.6263 seconds with an exit speed of 173.8 mph on the first run of the day. This impressive result was achieved on March 17, 2012 at the Lonestar Motorsports Park.

Even before the Nissan GT-R Alpha dominated the quarter mile, the car had already hit an impressive top speed of 216.9 mph in October 2011 at the Texas Mile. The car has also set a new record for 60-130 mph acceleration at a blistering 3.31 seconds - a time even more impressive than the most powerful supercars out there.

AMS seems to be unstoppable at this point, and we can’t wait to see more details on this killer package!


Keep up the good work AMS. I’ll stay tuned for more improvements of the Nissan GT-R by the AMS. 

It isn’t surprising knowing that AMS has done an immense modification to it! Even so, the performance was still astounding.

It isn’t impossible for it to run that fast seeing it has a really powerful engine, so it’s only obvious that it is capable of that!

The performance of the car is convincing to get the record. They have tuned the GT-R very well.

I’d give anything to try driving this 1602HP-forcing car! Seriously, AMS is a fairy of the automotive industry!

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