Video: Nissan GT-R takes on Audi RS6 Evotech in Russian streets

Drag races are always fun, especially when you have two cars that pretty much run on the same numbers. On the occasion where we find that one is vastly superior to the other, we don’t exactly see the point in having a race.

However, the Russians don’t roll like that. When they see two sports cars out on the streets, the natural inclination would be to strap up, turn the recorder on, and push the pedal to the metal.

In this video taken by Dragtimes, we have an Audi RS6 that comes with 750 horsepower running against a Nissan GT-R with 480 horsepower. It’s not exactly an even match-up, but it’s still worth watching.

Source: Drag Times


Nissan did this exciting thing when it breaks the record and now on a standing mile speed of 203.6 mph.

Yeah, that’s neat and all but IMO, the difference in performance from what I’ve seen in some "near-stock" GT-R’s isn’t worth the effort.

What struck me at the debut in LA is how few of those with the money to buy something like this, or something much more powerful weren’t aware of the GT-R prodigal performance.

This GTR is different. It may have a ’who pays that much for a Nissan’ price tag, but still outperforms any car in its price range The 280PS restriction is now gone.

This match was very unfair. The GT-R was at a big disadvantage. If it wasn’t for the 4 wheel drive and launch control the GT-R would not have taken the lead at all.

haha..the speed of the GT-R is so amazing. No wonder why it’s called the baddest car in Asia..

It seems that Nissan Gt-R is the favorite competitor in some drag racing.

Very interesting to watch. Here, you can see how the RS6 smoke the GT-R for so many times but that wasn’t a fare match.

I suggest the AMS Tuned GT-R should take care of the RS6 EVOTECH..

Russians is not only focused on creating or researching a chemical for making bobs they are also aimed for fun when the night comes... hehehehe

I agree, i wonder why he accept the challenge? or maybe this is to prove that nissan GT-R can be smoked by german car?

That was a cool drag race, I did not expect too high with the Nissan GT-R even though it leads first because I know in the end audi will get the lead with the 750 horsepower.

Freaks! GT-R will probably loose this drag. I can’t believe that the owner accepted the challenge of the Audi eventhough he already know that the audi is already tuned and has almost 45% Horses under the hood than his hood.

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