Video: Nissan GTR Switzer P800 0 to 180mph, Part II

About two weeks ago, we brought you the first video showing the Nissan GT-R P800 by Switzer in action from 0 to 180 mph, but that video was filmed from inside the car. Now it is time for a second one and this time you have the chance to watch see the car in all its glory, thanks to multiple camera angles.

The video was shot on a private airstrip and it shows multiple accelerations clips from outside of the car, from a standstill. This piece of Japanese beauty manages to hit an incredible 184 mpg in an even more astounding 0.9 miles.

The P800 is equipped with Password JDM exhaust, test pipes, x-pipe, and other mods that have increased the engine’s output up to 800 horsepower and almost 700 pound-feet of torque. What an awesome vehicle.

Enjoy the video!


i would be happy to have the regular gtr. i’d be excited beyond any imagination if i had this one!

when you look at nissan cars you never think they could come up with such a car. and yet they did and it is great!

i love the launch control on this car. i don’t know if they used it in this video, but i know it is one of the best out there!

the gtr is one of the great cars out there. and i think it does not get the attention it deserves!

what i know about the skyline is that they forbidden it in australia racing competitions, because it was no fair race against the nissan and all other competitors. i guess that says something, doesn’t it?

i think this car would put to shame most of the super-cars out there.

will this awesome vehicle be available in the U.S. too? because i would sure love to have one!

i bet this heavy weight monster will make most wallets light weight. because i do not think those figures come at a cheap price!

yep, that roar is like a monster screaming it’s the best out there. and this monster is one of the best!

i love how this car roars when in plunges into that pursuit of it’s top speed.

i love the way this car sprints to 180 MPH. and requiring only 0.9 miles to do just that is even more amazing!

800 HP and 700 pound-feet are great figures! quite amazing!

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