Video: Pagani Zonda Cinque Chases its Own Tail in China, Genuine or Kit Car?

China has really become quite the unexpected hotbed of supercars and this next one is very surprising. Someone has caught a video of a Pagani Zonda Cinque doing a number of donuts outside of the Chinese Supercar Club. Keep in mind the rarity of the Cinque ... There were only five of them ever built – yeah, f-i-v-e – and each one costs €1.3 million ($1,631,760) at the current exchange rates). We would be damned if we had one of those five and were out in in the rain, let alone doing donuts in the rain.

Then again, is this really a true Cinque? It’s honestly really hard to tell, as the camera is too far away. The exhaust tone sounds almost identical to every other Cinque video that we have seen, but the engine just doesn’t seem as quick to respond as others we have seen. Then again, the driver may just be feathering the accelerator lightly.

You be the judge by checking out the above video. If it is the real deal, this is the unicorn of all car videos. If it is a kit car – remember, China pretty much invented knocking off high-end sports cars – then it is one hell of a knock off, but it is still a complete fail...

What do you think, real or fake? Let us know in the comments.

Source: GT Spirit

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China is a vast market. Their country is phenomenal. I like this Zonda presented on their country.

Yeah for me, it’s a complete fail.

Zonda has a good shot for China. China welcomes the super cars from around the world.

This year, China becomes the world’s largest market on super cars, luxury and sports utility vehicle.

China is now the largest market of the luxury and supercars. So Bugatti will be going on China too?

I don’t know what’s with China to have that kind of progress that even luxury cars are now they conquered.

There lots of products from China that are craps. So is this car I think. Unless they really learned their lessons.

No wonder if the government officials are able to buy a super car like this. I like the models that has been released on their country.

I am surprised too with the surge of supercars on China. I didn’t expect that they will be addicted on the super cars.

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