Video: Pagani Zonda Cinque vs Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir in the streets of London

When talking about supercars, there aren’t a lot in this world that can come close to matching the prestige of a Pagani Zonda or a Bugatti Veyron . And if you want to push the exclusivity level up a few notches, try having a Zonda Cinque and a Veyron Sang Noir join forces in one unforgettable street race.

The two cars were spotted in the streets of London where they were joined by a number of other supercars that, apparently, are all owned by a strapping number of wealthy Middle Easterners that are a looking to have a good time.

And as it turns out, their idea of ‘having a good time’ involves racing their multi-million dollar machines without a care in the world and probably knowing full well that in the unlikely event that they wreck these cars, they could just as well afford to replace them with something else in a few days.

And as far as how this supercar race between the Zonda Cinque and the Veyron Sang Noir went, well, you can check out the results by clickity-clacking on the video.


Wow! Very nice car. The sound of the engine of the car is good and its crazy! If you hear the sounds like in the video is a race car and you will see the car on the road.

Those two car are definitely wonderful..especially the sound of their engine just but
who win the race?

I’m sure you guys covered this already, but why does the German-owned Italian car maker name their special editions in French?

I didn’t even notice I was going through the same pics for a second time. Sexy car, and higher performance than anything I’ve ever driven.

Seeing these two cars head to head is definitely an eye candy. They are some of the flashiest cars today.

ooh, rich men! No wonder why they can bear to do past times like this one, haha! Well I don’t even think they recognize their machines as super cars, more of a toy.

Great picture, and the gallery is also very nice.

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