Video: Pedal-powered Porsche 911 GT3 RS will catch you completely off-guard

Looks can most definitely be deceiving and, at first glance, you would think that this so-called Porsche "Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS" is the latest in a long line of high-powered performance cars to come out of Stuttgart. Unfortunately, the name is about the only thing this car and the Porsche have in common.

In fairness, it’s undeniably got the styling cues of the 911 down pat and, with materials ranging from a high-tech chassis bonded with a polyethylene-coated special-edition tape and a body that consists of thin sheets of paperboard that’s covered in a space-age aluminum foil, there would be little apprehension - at least, until you see the wheels - on whether this was a prototype Porsche or not.

Then, we get to the car’s engine - or lack thereof, in this case. This "Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS" comes with a left-to-mid mounted human boxer unit that goes as fast as the driver’s feet can work the pedals. In so many words, this Porsche is about as fuel-efficient as any Porsche you’ve ever seen. That’s because it doesn’t have one.

Somewhere, Fred Flintstone is laughing his heart out.

Source: YouTube


Fantastic vehicle... I love Porsche’s views on automated manuals. Great pics, any chance you guys could upload them in Wallpaper sizes (including 1920x1200)?

Screw BMW! the 911, at this point, is probably the ultimate driving machine. A driver like me in the GT3 RS would probably never be able to take it even remotely close to its limit.

haha.. the commentator is like a dying man..

I was fooled by this one at first, haha after seeing the aluminum body, darn they got me there!... lol, and to think that the commentator is way to serious from the start.

quick someone need to go build a GTR just like this Porsche so the CEO of Nissan and Porsche can settle this debate once and for all......LOL

I hope this porsche can drift. hahaha

I’ve always loved porsches; Turbo precisely. I don’t think they will ever lose their ingenuity and continue to produce amazing vehicles.

hahah i wonder how many speed he got in his porsche.

It seems that Indian car maker Tata Motors has some good idea, because am sure this business will grow so that they can provide additional jobs for the people.

hahah I wonder how much money this guy spent to make his own GT3 RS.

Not only it slowers the Porsche but also it is the most fuel economic car and it’s too cool for a bike and to awful to be a super car or should i say family car.

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