Video: Peugeot RCZ will follow you whenever, wherever

We’ve met some pretty obsessive car owners in the past, but we sure haven’t come across a car that’s obsessed with a prospective owner. That’s completely new to us and it’s also the main idea of this Peugeot commercial featuring the new RCZ . The new ad, which we’re guessing will only be shown in Europe, features a well-dressed fellow being followed by the RCZ wherever he goes, from a dark and dingy alley all the way to the sixth floor of a nearby parking garage. The RCZ apparently knows what owner is suited to drive it and once it’s got a target pegged, it will continue its chase until the man is inside the vehicle’s waiting driver’s seat. Only in Europe, folks!

Source: YouTube


haha! A car that follows his owner? Well, that’s a little bit funny but I think it’s kinda’
odd if it follows his owner in the sea haha lol!

haha. go ahead follow me..smiley

With out maxing the performance of the car, we won’t really see the real power of any machine.

Yes, I agree. You really have to put the car at it’s maximum speed to test its reliability. Nice ad!

Impressive handling! I bet they enhance the suspension carefully to gain more handling superiority.

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