Video: Peugeot's new "mood paint" concept has all the makings of April Fools

More than any other day in the calendar year, April 1st requires a lot of us to be on our p’s and q’s to differentiate the legitimate news events from the ones that have, shall we say, mischief written all over them.

This one appears to be the latter.

Peugeot UK has come out with a video highlighting their latest revolutionary concept: "mood paint." Described as a reactive paint that changes its color depending on your emotions, the mood paint was developed by Peugeot technicians who used psychochromatic coating to alter the molecular structure of the paint to emit light at varying wavelengths. From there, heat sensors were put on the Peugeot RCZ’ s steering wheel, which then reads the driver’s body temperature and pulse rate to change the car’s body color.

According to Vince Clisham, Peugeot’s project manager, the mood paint is a "world first for motoring."

"To have developed a paint that accurately reflects the emotion of the driver, will no doubt have our competitors green with envy," he adds.

Check out the video of Peugeot’s mood paint demonstration and tell us if this is legit or an April Fools prank from the French automaker.

Source: Peugeot


It would be cool if they actually made a real-life footage of it.

This is a perfect joke for the April Fools. I can’t believe that there is such paint that can interpret the mood and emotion of the driver whose hands are placed on the steering wheel.

Of course, this is fake. All the great things are.

Is that for real? Seriously, I can’t believe that a car can identify the feeling of the person who is holding the steering wheel.

Well, what about mood swings? Would its color turn to rainbow?

Ha ha. What a nice invention. Now we can easily identify the person’s feeling by the changes on the color of the car. One problem for me is that blue is my favorite color and do I have to stay serious to keep the color of the car while driving?

If someone could actually do this, I think it’s a highly ingenious notion.

Only kids and children-at-heart will be amused by this, because honestly, all adults won’t want to show their mood, especially when it is traffic on the road. LOL.

Would people actually want to show their mood, in case this is real? This notion is obviously fake, but still is amusing to think of.

I bet if this is real, people would actually consume it for the sake of fun.

Somehow this reminds me of a chameleon! If only this is possible, I don’t think people would buy it seriously though, since their moods will be revealed easily.

OMG LOL! That was a really brilliant April Fool’s joke! smiley Now, if only Peugot can make it true, surely the other companies will be dumbfounded!

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