Video: Porsche 911/991 Aero Kit at Goodwood

At the recently concluded Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Porsche Exclusive department unveiled an updated version of the new generation 911 which included a two-part rear spoiler with either the duck-bill style lip and the wing on top, a new front splitter, and new anthracite wheels. Under the hood, the output was increased from the standard 400 HP up to 430 HP. This improved version will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and up to a top speed of 190 mph.

Lucky for us, Youtube user Shmee150 was out in full force at Goodwood and managed to shoot a cool video of the new Porsche Exclusive 911 Carrera S firing up the hill climb. Don’t forget to turn up your volume if you want to enjoy this amazing engine sound!


I’m agree with you @chester_moore much better if you place it on cayenne.

So, does its noise make any difference? Pardon me for I haven’t heard of its performance’s record. I want to make sure that its arrogance is reasonable and worthy.

If this Porsche uses updated Aero kit having latest modifications from Porsche, it can drive into more contentment in enthusiasts.

No, if this Aero kit was planted on the Carrera it could be better.

Aero Kit is much better if they placed it on Cayenne.

Acceleration is not a problem in this Aero Kit.

Acceleration is not a problem in this Aero Kit.

I can’t hear the sounds clearly, but the Porsche made a good sprint.

That roaring sounds doesn’t amaze me. What impressed me most of the time is the performance of the Carrera.

Whoa. Is that really come from the Porsche? That could be an incredible aero kit.

Why they have to include two spoiler with either the duck-bill style lip, a front splitter, and new anthracite wheels?

The aero kit is expensive as we expected. The improvement of speed and aerodynamics with this aero kit is visible.

It has 400-430HP with the same engine. Did you watch how good it was on that track?

Ha ha Cool. That Porsche Carrera is one of the most awaited in the hill climb. It’s engine sound fills up noise in the area of competition. I wonder what could be its HP?

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