Video: Porsche 991 Carrera S vs Ferrari 458 Italia

This video undoubtedly portrays the race of the month: a new Porsche Carrera S vs. a Ferrari 458 Italia . The video was shot by Youtube user Jorrie2 and he did an amazing job following the famous recipe of German vs. Italian sports cars for his 600th video celebration.

The video starts off with some the driver having a little fun in a red Ferrari 458 Italia and, then shortly thereafter, the Ferrari is joined by a brand new 991 Carrera S. The video continues with more shots of both cars and a little race action, of course.

This video is definitely worth a few minutes of your time as you will thoroughly enjoy it. The only problem you may have is deciding which car you like better! Which car would you choose?


Italia’s most recent though.

Both have very good appearance and performance.

I think I don’t have to choose. Both cars are great and performing very well. The Ferrari is much into rhythm, and Porsche is somehow good, but Ferrari is Ferrari. 

Only Ferrari can perform this much in style. The Porsche is okay too, but I guess I’m just biased.

Nice competition! I prefer the Ferrari 458 Italia too just because it appeals better!

I say I choose the Ferrari car. The competition was good, but the sole car was better.

I will put myself on the neutral side, since some of you is siding with each already. It is an interesting video which showcased the car’s performance. I enjoyed it.

I really like the video! Although they both put up a great show, I have decided that I like the Porsche 991’s performance more.

Performance wise, I’ll say it’s the same. However, Ferrari is much more attractive by its aggressive look.

Why compete? Based on specifications, it is already clear who’s better between these two. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show.

They both performed well! Maybe I should base my decision on their appearance. I’d choose Ferrari since it has better front and rear designs.

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