Video: Porsche Gymkhana terrorizes the streets of Spain

We’ve all but come to associate Gymkhana with Ken Block , and rightfully so because the latter has turned it into a global phenomenon.

But even if Block is considered the godfather of Gymkhana, it doesn’t mean that he’s the only one that can do it.

In this video - it’s actually more of a full-scale production - we are introduced to the Porsche Gymkhana, a 13-minute thrill ride complete with insane drifting action, incredible soundtrack music, and, since we’re calling it the way we see it, some pretty less-than-stellar acting.

Instead of focusing on the acting chops of some of the actors in the video, we’re going to focus on the insane driving skills exhibited by no other than Modesto Martin. Somewhere, Ken Block is probably taking serious notice of this video because quite frankly, it’s right up there with any of the Gymkhana videos he’s done in the past.

So do we see a response coming the near future? We certainly hope so.

Source: YouTube


I enjoyed watching that video, and the drifting of Gymkhana is terribly good

I enjoyed watching that video, and the drifting of Gymkhana is terribly good.

The dragon is symbolic to Japanese and Chinese, but this Dartz Prombon Black Dragon. It’ll be more iconic and symbolic for owners and enthusiast.

Yeah, I do get the point that it’s good in drifting but do we need more than a few minutes for that?

I don’t like how it centered on bland drifting. After a few minutes, it just got boring.

So this is only good for drifting? I don’t understand what’s terrifying about it, anyhow.

What a show off, I don’t know whether to be amused or not to the amount of attention it has received throughout the whole clip; it was over the exaggeration. Good drifting though.

Yes, it’s swift and all but is the main point of this video everything about drifting? The interior is barely noticeable, and the exterior could be better.

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