Video: Promo video of Met-R's BMW X6 Interceptor

A few days ago, we told you about the BMW X6 Interceptor that has been making an impression on a lot of people, partly because it’s so unfailingly awesome and partly because it was built by the Russian tuning house, Met-R.

And just to give us an even clearer picture on what kind of extraordinary X6 the boys from Met-R have created, they’ve kindly provided us a slick promo video of the tuned-up X6 Interceptor that, after watching it, will surely drive your curiosities straight through the roof.

As a reminder, the Interceptor comes with a package that includes an aggressive body kit highlighted by a redesigned front bumper, a revised grille, a rear diffuser, modified side sills, wheel arch extensions, a rear spoiler, and a set of BBS wheels, rounding out to a complete package that costs 297,000 rubles or in Benjamin-speak, about $9,740.

Source: YouTube


I can see one thing in common, when i watch all these russian vids of tuners, drag racers etc. Nice videos with nice soundtracks!

Nice commercial, the name is very intriguing. It would be better if they use it as a police interceptor.

Wow! that’s a cool concept BMW, and I think the Russian tuner Met-R has unveiled a new styling package for this BMW X6.

I see one thing in common, when I watched all these Russian vids of tuners, drag racers etc. Nice videos with nice soundtracks! (stop)

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