Video: Racer gets pinned under truck in freak race accident

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Racing with monster trucks on a wet and muddy truck isn’t exactly the safest thing to be racing on, but for some people, it’s the perfect recipe for having a good time. That is, until something like this happens to one of the participants.

The driver of this particular truck was in the middle of his run and was - given the circumstances - running smoothly despite all the splashing mud it was running over. That’s when all hell began to break loose. In the middle of his run, the truck unexpectedly hit a deep hole that was being hidden by the excessive amounts of water and mud on the track. As soon as he hit the hole, his truck lurches forward and fell on its side pinning the driver, who, idiotically, wasn’t wearing his seat belt.

Race officials immediately scrambled to assist the driver who miraculously escaped being squashed like a bug by the truck. We’re not the type to blast people for enjoying the things they love to do provided, of course, that they know where their limits are. It is apparent that this guy was so way in over his head that his limits were obviously not realized. Or maybe he just needs to wear his seat belt next time.

Either way, he’s lucky to be alive after coming this close to getting pinned under a two-ton truck.

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This is truly a rare accident. Now, we know how dangerous to drive a monster truck on a wet and muddy course/field. It looks like the people still enjoy swimming in the mud pool.

I hate that they have supposedly canceled the convertible but are bringing the wagon

Yeah, truck racing with trailers would be great!

Here in the US, we are just too stupid for our own good. Unfortunately this affects the rest of the planet as well. See the current mortgage crisis, the war in Iraq, and the mindset that we should not talk to those who oppose us. Please excuse the typos, they don’t educate us well here either while waiting for the euphoniums "no child left behind".

That would effectively prohibit passing. And further slow down the racing.

Accidents happen on dumb people, but its not always we see things like this.

We should always be reminded that in a race, everything can happen. Good or bad no matter what it is it will happen.

My sympathy to what happened. Any updates on the condition of the racer? Will he race again?

Is there any reason to be startled. It’s a race in the first place.

Of course, in any race track the weight of the vehicle is the thing to be considered first. We are speaking about the torque here.

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