Video: Racing Teams are Down With the Harlem Shake

Anytime a new dance craze hits YouTube and goes viral, you can expect pretty much everybody and their puppies to film their own versions of it. It’s happened numerous times in the past.

Now that the Harlem Shake has taken away minutes from a lot of peoples’ lives in the past couple of weeks, it’s only fitting that even people you would’ve thought would be too busy with their jobs would take the time to do their own videos.

Yes, that includes motorsports racing teams.

From Red Bull Racing in Australia to Michael Waltrip Racing, and even Jeff Gordon , everybody’s caught on to the Harlem Shake fever these days.

Check out the videos of Michael Waltrip Racing and Jeff Gordon’s own NASCAR racing team in their own versions of the Harlem Shake. Trust us, you’ll have a good laugh out of it, especially Gordon’s apparently stiff dancing skills.

Michael Waltrip Racing Doing The Harlem Shake

Jeff Gordon Shows He Can Do The Harlem Shake


Wow. At least the motorsport racing teams seem to catch up with dance craze hit. It is nice to see that some people got included in the videos. The second video is private and the man is wearing a helmet in the Jeff Gordon video so I could not see the thing clearly.

I’m not sure if my kids will grow in a world governed by human beings, or monkeys...

The last video is really representative for this sort of fashmob. Great job, you guys!!

Please, guys, this is so over rated!Everyone, like seriously everyone has to do this monkey bussiness?

Jeff Gordon, you should see a doctor, seriously now! These movies make me laugh really strong!

Go, go, shake those butties! I am completely stoned, and seeing this, almost got me awake

does anybody know who sings this song?I love it! And the clips are awesome, They are getting really close to artistic performances!

I just saw these videos and I cannot stop laughing! What is wrong with them? Ha ha haaaa

This guys are totally crazy!Take a look at the guy in white, he is the most funny!

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