Video: Red Bull Audi R8 LMS racing around abandoned racetrack in Spain

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Most racetracks are constructed so well that they last for decades after use has discontinued and unless they are made into housing developments, they will often stand the test of time and the Autódromo de Sitges-Terramar is no exception to that rule.

Constructed way back in 1922 after just 300 days of work, the Terramar circuit was only used for 3 years before it was abandoned and has never been used since, until now. Professional racing drivers Carlos Sainz and Miguel Molina recently took a Red Bull-sponsored Audi R8 LMS racer to the 60 degree banked circuit to put on what can only be described as a true work of art.

In addition to the eight minute long video accompanying the article, a selection of incredible pictures were also shot during the occasion. Despite the track being broken, bruised, and battered, it would have been an incredible experience for the two-time WRC champion and DTM racers.

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