Video: Reliving the Helicopter Crash in the Middle of Filming Top Gear Korea

You may have seen an amateur video of this helicopter crash back in May of last year, but what we saw before pales in comparison to the ones that were captured by the actual cameras filming the first episode of Top Gear Korea.

During the filming of a segment involving a race between a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 and an AH1 Helicopter, the pilot manning the controls of the latter somehow loses control of his ride. It ends up careening straight into the ground in a spectacular crash that was caught live on camera by the Top Gear crew.

While we’re thankful that the pilot escaped the nightmarish experience without any injuries, we’re wondering why the scene looks to have made it to the first episode of the show.

We’re all for hyping up a show the best way you can, but not at the expense of someone losing his life.


The car looks so fast in the video. The helicopter did not look alright. It seems there is something wrong with its engine or something like that. It is good that the driver is alright and no one is seriously injured.

I think that in that period, Koreans got mad about this video, am I right? Like sort of a Gagnam, joke, bad joke...

There should be planted video cameras everywhere, so we can see any accident.As an example, in Russia, there are many drivers that film the whole road, and you have the ocassion to see real videos, more exciting than the action movies.Seriously!!

I am really glad that nobody got hurt!It seems to be a nasty accident, considering you are up there, high!...

Finally, I get to see this video!Many friends of mine told me about it, but I couldn’t find it anywhere, although I have been searching for it almost a week!

Ohh, I herd that the Koreans have been concerned about this unlucky event for a long time...

Korean guys are just crazy!Why would you make public something like that?!

This video really scared mesmiley I thought the pilot really got injured, judging by the power of the impact.Jesus Christ!

Nice car!!And the montage is great!Don’t want to be a mad one, but this is like a part of an action movie !smiley

A nightmare indeed, seen with the eyes wide open!So much adrenaline...yeah!!

Oh my God!smiley I’ve freaked out when I saw the plane crashing.It is soo good to know that the pilot is ok

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