Video: Rhys Millen gearing up for 2010 Formula Drift season

Rhys Millen may be one of the best drifters in the world, but without a driftable car that he can compete with, his considerable skills become a moot point. That wasn’t any more evident that last season’s Formula Drift when the defending champion finished at a below mediocre 19th place.

This year, Millen Racing has worked tirelessly to restore order in Formula Drift and reclaim some of the luster it lost after a forgettable 2009 campaign. At the front and center of it all is Rhys Millen himself who is hell-bent on showing Formula Drift that last year was merely an aberration to an already glistening career. In a recent test event, Millen spent some time smoking up the tires and performing his usual practice drifts with his new Hyundai Genesis Coupe before the 2010 season officially gets under way next week in Long Beach.

We still don’t have an idea how Rhys Millen and his team will do this year relative to the competition, but it is a good sign that they’re doing everything they can to improve on their abysmal showing in the 2009 season.


Does it mean that the power would be lessen but the torque would be add up compare to the Nissan?

Speaking of the Rhys Millen and its partner has completed the necessary work to adapt the Hyundai engine to the HKS five-speed sequential transmission.

Because it’s Rhys Millen. He’s one of the reasons why drifting is in The States. He only finished 19th because it was his first time running this car. It was quite a change from the Pontiac Solstice GXP from 3 years before.

Why do you cover him if he’s 19th? Why does this stupid "Hyundai" get repeated credit on this website over all the other cars that compete in this series?

Millen is lucky enough to managed the second place; He failed to win in the Genesis but hopefully this upcoming season He can grab the top spot.

I find it disappointing that they use a sequential gear box. I am assuming that means no more clutch and stick (other than up or down) making things easier.

It was a close match between Millen and Block. As a drift driver, both of them focused on drifting. I wondered what happened to the Long Beach drifting competition, do you have any news about it? Or who won on that season? I guess I have to browse the archives to check on the updates.

Amazing performance by Rhys Millen and his Genesis Coupe, but don’t get y. Nissan also has a sports car that is capable of such drift and their 50/50 weight distribution will play a major role.

Well I hope that ken block can join the Drift tournament.

Cool! I agree with Rhys Millen, one of the best Drift Driver but i admire Ken Block more than him. Also genesis is one hell of a drift machine. I’m pretty sure that most of it’s competitors will going to have a hard time beating it.

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