Video: Rhys Millen gives us an in-depth walkaround of the Pikes Peak-bound Hyundai Genesis RMR PM580

Rhys Millen is no stranger to daring challenges and his latest adventure promises to be a lot more important to him given the familiar ties it has with the Millen family.

Using a heavily-modified Hyundai Genesis Coupe - they named it the RMR PM580 - Millen will attempt to bring back thePike’s Peak Hill Climb record back to the family where his father, the legendary Rod Millen, held it for 13 years.

In this video, the younger Millen takes us for a little walking tour of the RMR PM580, the tuned-up Hyundai Genesis that Millen will take with him in his record-breaking attempt at breaking Pike’s Peak infamous Hill Climb record and etching the Millen family name back on the record books.

Check out the video and listen to the man himself introduce us to his new pride and joy.


It just shows how hyundai appreciated Rhys on their side..

Genesis and rhys millen is a good combination. Hyundai motors specially genesis became more popular because of rhys drifting skills.

Nice Video! It seems that this prototype looks really like a thin LM car and it seems pretty low for a rally-track, but should wait for the finish result.

Rhys Millen has been an Icon to the Hyundai, he gives a big bang reputation to the Hyundai.. Kudos to Rhys Millen.

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