Video: Riding a Subaru Impreza WRX STI can be one screaming experience

You know when people say that, when given the opportunity, they could do what race car drivers are paid to do? Well, to be honest, driving a race car at insane speeds is easier said than done. In their new ad campaign for the 2011 Impreza WRX STI sedan, Subaru shows us that there’s more to racing than just being a good driver. Skills are definitely important, but equally as vital is mental preparation – something a lot of us can’t begin to comprehend until we’re right smack in the middle of a rampaging race car.

In this ad, the automaker brought in rally driver Dave Mirra to drive the new 305-horsepower WRX STI around and under an overpass with random people sitting in the passenger seat.

Think you guys would have fared better than these folks? We applaud your bravado, but to be honest, we highly doubt it.

Check out these five 30-second ads, which Subaru has ingeniously called ‘Get More Gs’, and we’re pretty sure that you’d be having the same reactions as these unsuspecting folks.

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Source: You Tube


Haha, we should really get more G’s with this car. Uhmm, I’m talking about the other G.

Ooh! I always wanted to have a very very hot chick with G’s on my passenger seat, but not screaming like that.

What a great way to experience a fun driving.!

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