Video: Riding along the Radical SR8LM's record-breaking lap at the Nurburgring

Last August, the Radical SR8LM burst into the history books after posting the fastest lap time at the Nurburgring for a production car with a blistering time of six minutes and 48 seconds, eight seconds faster than the previous record holder, which, ironically, was set by its predecessor, the Radical SR8.

This never-before-seen video of the SR8LM’s remarkable run at the Nurburgring was recently released by ChaseCam, which recorded the SR8LM’s record-breaking lap behind the steady hands of driver Michael Vergers, who guided the car through the ‘Ring’s 73 turns and accelerating on straights with a top speed of 169 mph on his way to setting the lap record for a production car at the world-famous racing circuit.

Source: ChaseCam


I’ve seen this video clip on the net and the amazing part is it is not a sunny day and the track is not totaly clear of traffic. I recall the guy had to pass 2 or 3 cars during the record lap.

That is one cool video! No racer or fans should missed this! I heard Michael Vergers set a new record in a Radical SR8.

Now that was one cool video. Somehow I felt like I was in the car too. More than 150 mph must be a really exciting experience, although I don’t advice it to be done in highways specially the city. I wonder how much G force that driver is getting

wow that was fast. I wonder how much G force does the driver gets when turning at that speed.

wow that was fast, I hope someday i can ride on one of those sports car.

Of course it’s already expected that they’ll beat that record and obviously an upgrade car of SR8 so I wasn’t shocked on that part. Also I’m not impressed on his driving skillsry to say but if the driver is that good, it will be a best beat on which it may be faster than this record. But anyways, congrats on the new record.

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