Video: Robert Downey Jr. attends Avengers premiere in an Acura NSX Roadster

Life is indeed imitating art in the case of Robert Downey Jr.

No, he hasn’t turned his Hollywood gig of a full-fledged super hero into a real life career, but what he did do is attend the Avengers premier in Hollywood the only way his on-screen alter-ego, Tony Stark, knows how: in grand style.

Instead of being driven in a limousine that is pretty much SOP with premieres, Downey, together with his wife, decided to drive the $9 million Acura NSX Roadster to the premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood.

Sticking with the movie, the NSX Roadster was accompanied by a number of Acura models bearing the S.H.I.E.L.D emblem, possibly to keep Downey Jr. safe in case Loki comes out and tries to eviscerate him.

For a man that revived his career with one hit after another, Downey could very well end up becoming associated as Tony Stark - and for some hard core fans, Iron Man - in the real world.

And if you’re going to try to fit into those shoes, you might as well do it looking ridiculously cool behind the wheel of a $9 million movie/superduper car.

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