Video: Saab 9-5 sedan goes to the track for a little performance test

The upcoming release of the all-new Saab 9-5 sedan is fast approaching and as such, Saab is also gearing up its efforts in promoting the car, complete with a series of videos that are made to show customers the capabilities and active features of the brand’s new flagship sedan, which is also the very first 9-5 to be built under Saab’s new owner, Spyker.

In this particular video, Stefan Runquist, the 9-5 sedan’s Vehicle Dynamics manager, gets behind the wheel of the 9-5 and takes it out for a nice little joyride on a Swedish race track, all while informing and educating all of us with regards to the 9-5’s new features and overall characteristics. This should be a good one to play back, especially if you’ve got your eye on purchasing the new 9-5 sedan as soon as it comes out.

Source: Saab


I have to disagree with you. It’s one of the best looking Saabs lately.

impressive handling.. saab has put the very best they can offer with the 9-5 sedan.

after the safety test, they are now into the performance test..

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