Video: Scion iQ Concept in action

Europe and Japan will get the Toyota iQ, but in USA the small city car will be badged Scion . Unlike the other markets where the 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine is available, the IQ will only be available with the 1.3-liter four cylinder unit. This makes a respectable 93 hp with a fuel economy of 55 mpg.


The name iQ, according to Toyota, stands for "individuality" "innovation" and "intelligence". While Q stands for "quality" and points to the iQ’s "cubic" shape and "cues" a new value and lifestyle in the automotive market. Now how about for its US name SCION? I am wondering.

Wow! Toyota iQ is so cute! How much are they selling them? The car might sound slow but when you are in the city and there’s a bumper to bumper traffic, who needs a 500hp?

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