Video: Supercars pounce on Brazilian roads

Anytime you get the chance to see four exotic cars on the road together continuously trying to one-up one another, it would be a complete crime to not bring out the cameras and videotape the whole proceedings.

Fortunately, the man sitting shotgun inside a Ferrari 430 Scuderia had the wherewithal to take out his camera and videotape the entire action up close and personal. Not to be outdone by the 430 Scuderia, the other three supercars in this video include some of the finest exotic machineries on the planet like a Ferrari 458 Italia , a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale , and the only non-Prancing Horse of the group, a Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Balboni Edition .

You normally don’t see a group of cars with this much power oozing out of them together for a joyride along the highways of Brazil, so when it happens, you can definitely expect to have someone recording the action in all its ear-piercing glory.


These cars are just too expensive that only wealthy folks can afford to buy one. Hmm It seems that there are a lot of rich dude in Brazil. I would love to see these vehicle racing on my place too!hehe

Its rarely to see a parade of supercars! It seems that Brazilians are too lucky that they got to chance to see this awesome vehicles almost everyday unlike on my country.

Thanks for the video! Wow! That’s awesome. I didn’t think that it would be possible to see them four together in the road and not on the race track! 

I think McLaren and Veyron would be a perfect car race match! So that the controversy about who’s the real fastest car will be over! And the people’s doubt and speculation would be changed somehow!

I’m really happy about the RWD on Bicolore. And I really love the 6 manual transmission and rear wheel drive of the Gallardo!

Brazilian is not only superior in terms of Capuera, because it turns out they are adequately skilled matador country making a supercar.

This unique SLS AMG is the first and the only SLS AMG in the world to be painted in Designo magno Night Black along with the red badging and paint highlights both inside and out.

but what the heck I think that audi is A4 for sure he can tail gate all those high end cars. and if only I’am the driver of that audi i wont let them smoke my asses.

hahaha that audi looks like a regular car when passed by a ferrari and lamborghini.

hahah I hope they have a special permit to drive those beyond the speed limits. well anyway for sure police cruisers in brazil cannot catch up with this cars so why bother chasing them.

that’s for sure, I bet many brazilians had a ride or their lives when they see this cars rolling on streets and highways of brazil.

Rich people putting their life, and the life of others, at risk, with sudden moves and quick driving!

WWaaaawww! Those are looking great! I couldn’t believe when I saw this density of cool cars!

totally agree but if you want to see an event like this you should go to Middle east. specially in KSA every night of the week you can see a lot of these babies rolling on the desert roads.

well definitely you’ll never see this kind of show every month or every year. it sometime come once in a blue moon. so try not to miss when you see it rolling on streets..

well I thinks so too, because last time also parade at the same place. i bet they are trying to promote the GT5 more on brazil.

is this the extended version of GT5? remember last time GT5 cars also rolled out on brazillian streets.

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