Video: Switzer R1KX “Red Katana” Ripping up the Quarter Mile

So, we have already had a quick look-see at the Red Katana GT-R a few weeks ago and we were pretty impressed at how it looked on paper. Now we actually get a good look at it in action, as it runs down the quarter mile boasting all 1,000-plus horsepower when on pump gas and 1,300 horsepower on race gas.

This monster rips off an impressive time at an unthinkable speed from a street car. To boot, this car is a whopping 300 lbs heavier than the model you can pick up at the local Nissan dealer. It’s hilarious and impressive to watch the above video for two key reasons. The first reason is that a more “street-friendly” car is in the lane next to the Red Katana and takes off well before the Katana does. Within a blink of an eye, the Katana takes off and reels in the other car like it was stopped. It is simply astounding.

The second part, which carries even more weight, is the slip delivery. An older gentleman that probably delivers 10-second slips all day every day and likely is not too often impressed, was overwhelmed by the numbers this beast pulled. The driver then alerts the man that the car is not only street legal, but also weighs 300 lbs more than a stock GT-R . The slip delivery man has a few choice words of astonishment for the driver’s efforts.

You may want to make sure the kids are out of the room, the ending has a little salty language. By salty, we mean a few Eff-bombs…

Enjoy...and try not to drool.


Red Katana is not that popular but since they watch this video, they were really impressed.

This is the first time i’ve heard about “red katana” and because of thos performance, really love this now.

No wonder why Red Katana is one of the SuperCars that most people want. The powerful of this car is really impressive plus the sporty look of this car.

ericsolberg: like you, I am also not surprise on the result of it’s performance.

I am really impressed with the performance but for the design of this car? Nah. I don’t really like it.

It really don’t surprise me at all. The pre-release details of the Red Katana makes it significantly important in enthusiasts. I like the numbers it has achieved.

I think because of it’s performance this can be considered as one of the most fastest car right?

I was shocked by it’s performance. This is more than what I’ve been expecting!

I was shocked by it’s performance. This is more than what I’ve been expecting!

Wow. To be able to have that speed despite of being 300 lbs heavier than other car, That’s really impressive !.

Hmmm.. How about racing against Bugatti? Isn’t that a good idea for us to know the real capacity of this car?

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