Video: Tasca Racing Cobra Jet Sets New Quarter Mile Record of 7.848 seconds

In 2011, Tasca Racing set out to make history by putting together a Cobra Jet tuning package that could establish a quarter mile run in the sevens. They fell a tad bit short, coming in at a still impressive 8.06 seconds at a speed of170 mph. That time alone was enough to make this Cobra Jet the fastest in the world, but Tasca wanted more.

The Tasca team headed back to the track in an attempt to break their own record. During a test session at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida, Tasca’s Cobra Jet not only smashed its own record, but also became the first to break the 8 second barrier: the car ran the quarter mile in 7.96 seconds at a speed of 174 mph. Shortly after establishing the new record, the Tasca Cobra Jet hit the England Dragway where it ran an incredible time of 7.848 seconds at a speed of 174.4 mph.

Making killer cars and breaking serious records, that is what it is all about in the racing and tuning world.


we may talk how much we want, the fact are simple: this car holds the world record and that’s it!

this car may have the same power output as any respectable super car, if not a lot more.

gary is right. this cobra has been made purely for straight line acceleration, and that only for a 1/4 miles.

you know it does not have to reach the speeds a veyron reaches to be the fastes on a 1/4 miles. these are 2 different types of cars.

you may be right tinur. that means this car is faster to 200 mph than a bugatti veyron! WOW!

174.4 mph in 7.848 seconds. that means it will do 200 mph in less than 10 seconds?

i too remember vin diesel and that awesome movie. it was what made me do custom cars!

who would have thought that a mustang would be the fastest car on a 1/4 miles?

wow, that car is fast! i remember that in the "fast and furious" movie they were talking about "under 10 seconds cars".

wow, less then 8 sec for a 1.4 miles. that’s a record!

i wonder how much power does that car have?

that car looks and sounds like a monster. no wonder it won!

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